SERKONDER sowed its first seeds at the “Greenhouse Construction Manufacturers and Equipment Providers Workshop” organized by the Department of Agricultural Machinery of the Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture held on Thursday, May 12, 2011, at the Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture Dean’s Hall. Taluğ, Parliament Agriculture Committee Chairman Prof.Dr.Vahit Kirişçi and TC Ziraat Bank in Turkey engaged in the manufacturing and construction sectors in the greenhouse is attended by 35 representatives from 23 companies providing equipment to the greenhouse.

SERKONDER, which officially opened its doors to the sector on 18.01.2012 with 8 founding members in line with the decisions taken as a result of the meeting; It has started to work towards becoming an association aiming to increase the awareness of the sector by gathering the companies that produce Construction, Hardware and Equipment under a sunshade and aiming to set standards and develop the sector in the growing greenhouse sector in recent years.