Membership Application


SERKONDER Member Application Petition

Membership Operations
Right to Become a Member and Membership Procedures
Article 3-
a) Who is a manufacturer and exporter of greenhouse construction, equipment and equipment, who has the capacity to act and who has adopted the aims and principles of the association and who accepts to work in this direction and who fulfills the conditions stipulated by the legislation, who are technically, economically and professionally recognized in their field and have proven their success. Every real and legal person (companies, associations, foundations) has the right to become a member of this association.
b) Foreign real or legal persons cannot be members of the association.
c) The membership application to be made in writing to the chairmanship of the association is decided by the board of directors of the association as acceptance or rejection of the request within thirty days at the most and the result is notified to the applicant in writing. The member whose application is accepted is recorded in the book to be kept for this purpose.
d) The principal members of the association are the founders of the association and those who are accepted as members by the board of directors upon their application. They must have been proposed by at least two members of the association.
e) Academicians from the relevant departments of universities accepted by the Board of Directors are accepted as members.
f) A maximum of three natural or legal persons may be recruited, representing industrial companies gathered under the umbrella of a holding holding more than one greenhouse business or group of companies that have organic ties with each other.
g) Those who have provided significant financial and moral support to the association may be accepted as honorary members by the decision of the board of directors. Honorary members do not pay dues or vote.

The Association’s Field of Activity: The association operates in the social field.

Article 4-
a) Membership; It ends with the wish of death and leaving membership. Each member is deemed to have resigned from the association by declaring his wish to leave the association in writing at any time.
b) When the resignation petition of the member reaches the board of directors, the exit procedures are deemed to have been completed.
c) Leaving membership does not end the accumulated debts of the member to the association. However, the financial responsibility of the departed member; The legal reason of those leaving due to legal reasons ends on the date of formation, and at the end of the working period in which the others wish to leave, and all payments of the working period to which they are related are collected.

Dismissal from Membership
Article 5-Conditions requiring dismissal from association membership.
a) To act contrary to the charter of the association,
b) Avoiding tasks given without an excuse,
c) Failing to pay the membership fee within six months despite written warnings,
d) Failing to comply with the decisions made by the association’s bodies.
e) Having lost the conditions for membership,
f) Those who have been convicted of a disgraceful and severe punishment
g) Those expelled from the association according to sub-clause (c) can be re-registered with the decision of the Board of Directors. However, the member is obliged to pay the accumulated dues together with the legal interests.
h) Those who permanently or temporarily lose the right to become a member of associations in accordance with the provision of the law, and those who are not admitted to two consecutive ordinary general assemblies due to not paying dues are deemed to have resigned. In these cases, the member has the right to appeal to the General Assembly based solely on the reason that the reasons ending the membership have not been realized. This objection is made through the Board of Directors within 15 days starting from the notification of the termination of membership to the member by the Board of Directors. The objection is resolved at the first General Assembly meeting. If the member does not object or the objection is rejected, the Board of Directors deregister the member.

In case of detection of any of the above-mentioned situations, he is dismissed by the decision of the board of directors.
Those who leave or are removed from the association are deleted from the member registry and cannot make a claim on the assets of the association.