Study Subject

1. To increase the use of locally produced modern greenhouse technologies and products,

2. To work on the supply of raw, semi-finished materials and all kinds of tools and machines for its members in order to reduce costs,

3. Organizing courses, seminars, conferences, symposiums, panels and trainings that will contribute to the development of the company personnel or are legally compulsory to take,

4. To provide technology transfer to the relevant organizations in order to increase the production quality of the sub-industry organizations whose members benefit,

5. To determine the modern greenhouse criteria in accordance with national / international standards and to issue certificates for the manufactured greenhouses according to these criteria.

6. To determine the general “Greenhouse Type Approval” criteria that can be used for different brands and models in greenhouses and to develop procedures and methods for this,

7. Undertaking inspections and experiments in the sector in accordance with national and international standards and regulations, establishing relations with certification bodies,

8.To obtain all kinds of information, documents, documents and publications required for the realization of the purpose, to establish a documentation center, to announce their work, to publish studies and informative bulletins to distribute to their members, to publishing newspapers, magazines and books, to prepare a web page,

9. To carry out activities to increase productivity and work safety,

10. To carry out educational studies on the training of qualified personnel, technicians and expert managers, to give a certificate at the end of the training,

11. To make technological and economic researches for the activation and development of activities,

12. Cooperating with relevant organizations on technology transfer and licensing issues, guiding members about accreditation and quality systems,

13. In Turkey, the modernization of greenhouses and create policy for the renovation of existing old greenhouse,

14 about to follow the science and technology abroad specialists countries of associations and organizations to invite Turkey, become members of associations or organizations abroad and to collaborate in some projects with such organizations or help each other, be sent to overseas members carry out their work,

15. To establish relationships with universities and relevant research institutes; Conducting joint studies for researching new technologies and methods in greenhouse construction, construction and equipment, encouraging university-industry cooperation,

16. Giving reciprocal or non-refundable scholarships to students determined by the board of directors in order to provide qualified staff for its members,

17. To promote domestic production greenhouses and equipment in the international market, to work to increase exports,

18. Ensuring the establishment of a stand for the union in fairs

19. To work on the establishment of the Sector Foreign Trade Company, to organize relations with organizations such as the relevant Ministries, SPO, Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade,

20. Providing consultancy services to new investors who want to establish a greenhouse and directing them to cooperation with other consultancy institutions,

21. Encouraging its members to apply for projects to institutions such as SPO, TUBITAK, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and European Union Funds, to support the preparation of project files,

22. To encourage the use of renewable energies, to ensure the economical use of existing resources,

23.To inform the sector to benefit from the loans, subsidies and supports provided by the state, banks and financial institutions,

24. To provide a healthy working environment, to provide all kinds of technical tools and equipment, fixtures and stationery materials,

25. Carrying out fundraising activities and accepting domestic and international donations, provided that necessary permissions are obtained,

26. Establishing and operating economic, commercial and industrial enterprises in order to obtain the revenues needed for the realization of the aims of the regulation,

27.Opening clubhouses, establishing social and cultural facilities and furnishing them so that their members can benefit and enjoy their leisure time,

28. Meetings with meals, concerts, balls, theater, exhibitions, sports, excursions and entertaining activities, etc. in order to develop and maintain social relations. organizing or enabling its members to benefit from such events,

29.Buying, selling, renting, leasing movable and immovable property needed for the activities of the association and establishing real rights over immovables,

30.If deemed necessary, to establish a foundation, to establish a federation or to join an established federation, to establish facilities that associations can establish with permission,

31. Establishing a fund in order to meet the needs of the members of the association, such as food, clothing, and short-term loan needs with other goods and services

32.Do the activities of the association where deemed necessary.