SERKONDER, Greenhouse Construction and Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters Association;

Greenhouse construction, hardware and equipment manufacturing companies to bring together solidarity and exchanging information, the members of the economic, legal, technological, manufacturing and export-oriented to do work that you find solutions to problems in Turkey, greenhouse manufacturing sector, develop new markets, explore new technologies to introduce to the members, to promote standardization in the industry, to represent the sector in national and international platforms, protect the rights and interests of the members in the industry, reducing imports and increasing exports in the direction of do work, it was established with the aim of developing systems that are environmentally sensitive and promote energy efficiency.

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It was established in 1985; it is an organization that publishes on food, agriculture and animal husbandry. Our publishing house has two monthly magazines and various books on food and agriculture.

It is the first e-magazine operating in the agricultural sector of Turkey.

Tarım Türk Journal is the bridge of knowledge.A bridge is a small, but not so essential, merger that connects two big ones. It brings people to people

Bereket TV’s target audience is people who love the land and respect the nature, earn their lives from the land, farmers, peasants, who have a pioneer identity that does not offend the land.

Turkey’s first economic news portal and indispensable source of financial markets

It follows sectoral fairs held in all provinces where agriculture is on the rise from one end of Turkey to the other.

“Take A Break To Read!” it began airing in September 2010 with this slogan.

English Turkish is the only International Journal of the agriculture and animal husbandry sector in Turkey and meets its readers every two months.


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